Rolex Watch Black Platinum White W4789518

Rolex Watch Black Platinum White W4789518

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New, new, latest styles
New products 🔥C➕Cplus factory, C➕Cplus factory Rolex Yacht 42mm 226659 platinum model, patterned precious gold model, local gold model, comprehensively correct the shortcomings of other factories and match the 3235 all-in-one machine. Adjustable calendar, same as the original version, counter-adjustable hour hand, latest customized three-code-in-one style, comes with NFC proximity card, movement and special shading black embossed ceramic ring with authenticity comparison on the back

C ➕Cplus factory 42mm 226659 YACHT-MASTER vs VS factory

Below we shot the ym comparison of Genuine cf vsf
We found the following differences through comparison

1.vsf case shape It is very different from the original one. In comparison, the C➕factory has polished the appearance of the watch case and the ring, and the process is more delicate.
2. The texture of the tape is also much worse than c➕. Because the c➕factory tape contains special titanium alloy memory steel sheets.
3. Pointer vs is not so three-dimensional. And the vs second hand axis is completely wrong❌
4. vs the glass is too high and there is no rounded corners.
5.vs the appearance of the buckle part is not curved enough.
6. The precious metal engraving on the bottom of the case c➕Cplus factory is relatively clear and three-dimensional
7. The calendar font of c➕Cplus factory has a more three-dimensional effect with ink.
8.vs The inner lettering is slightly rough
9.c➕Cplus factory’s round/square/triangular lettering nails are more rounded. 10. Look for the quality of C➕Cplus factory, the unique code of C➕Cplus factory, 3235 all-in-one machine, watch code W4789518, deduction code 1PD, C➕Cplus factory logo AU750, quality assurance




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