Rolex Watch Black Blue Platinum White Polishing Men

Rolex Watch Black Blue Platinum White Polishing Men

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SJ produces the EW factory V2 version of the premium Rolex ROLEX Submariner series 40mm 🎮MK1 sub three-code-in-one high-end 3135 movement [the real movement, non-plywood movement, the time adjustment direction is the same as the original one], can call back the calendar, updated content: 1. The texture of the lettering shading on the inner ring is also thinner. 2. The platinum scale on the bezel is more detailed, there is no obvious graininess, and the color is closer to the original. 3. The inner ring engraving has been upgraded, using the same technology as the original. You can see two obvious notches on the inner ring and outer ring. 4. The edges and corners of sapphire glass are more rounded. 🎮 5. Surface font reprinted. 6. The edge of the strap is polished and upgraded. 7. When the Submariner extension buckle is opened, the inside is replaced with the same black ceramic particles as the original. 8. The Rolex pattern on the inside of the buckle has been changed to polished, which is consistent with the latest original version. 9. The luminous beads have been upgraded. The inner corners of the metal part of the luminous beads are now chamfered, and the appearance is consistent with the original. The watch code is 494158W9. Watch ⌚️deduction code, 5HF, three codes in one with NFC! [Strong] Produced by EW, it must be a high-quality product🎮S1 exquisitely recommended men’s mechanical watch



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