Rolex Datejust Watch Green Pink Platinum White Men

Rolex Datejust Watch Green Pink Platinum White Men

$248.00 $303.00
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SJ produced C factory Rolex ROLEX log series 41mm 🎮MK1 latest technology, equipped with 2836 all-in-one machine, the only pair of layout nails, customized sharp angle bevel nails, better grade, three codes in one, no white on the side of the strap, high-end Customized, majestic, the latest style, the latest new products, the highest cost performance, clean factory\/C factory Rolex 126334 DATEJUST latest launch, customized version of three codes in one, comes with NFC proximity card, popular style 41mm diameter log, quality assurance, choose it for logs , Absolutely high-end, giving you confidence❤️, watch ⌚️ code, 1P2839K5, watch ⌚️ buckle code, ORV,
1: Equipped with one-to-one super positive 2836 integrated movement, no card movement decorative movement And stable
2: The entire watch is made of 904L fine steel\/with an AR factory steel band to ensure that the side of the watch band is not exposed, which is extremely difficult, high-end customization quality, and IP vacuum electroplated platinum tooth ring\/free replacement if it fades, dog The only correct size for dental rings! 🎮
3: The sunray pattern on the dial is infinitely close to the original, especially green! Mint green color matching!
4: The only calendar font in the market to compare the authenticity of the subsequent fonts 1-31 one by one
5: The only one to make the hands luminous\/the nails to have the same color because they are all processed by third-party factories + self-purchased Swiss c1+c3 luminous powder
6: word nails/crown mark nails all platinum electroplated 7, latest version, quality assurance, please make sure to clean, latest diary style, customized three codes in one, comes with NFC proximity card, Watch code IP2839K5, watch ⌚️ latest deduction code, ORV, clean latest back cover pattern label! The most cost-effective style, popular style, timeless classic, high-end atmosphere, the side of the strap is not exposed, which greatly improves the grade and gives you enough face.
Although there are not many clean styles, almost all of them are high-quality products, completely solving the big problems in the world. Part of the pain points of the log, only for the ultimate clean-datejust 🎮S1 exquisite recommended men’s mechanical watch



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