Rolex Gmt Master Watch Blue Gold Red Sky Yellow Polishing Men

Rolex Gmt Master Watch Blue Gold Red Sky Yellow Polishing Men

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SJ’s latest GM factory launch, Rolex ROLEX GMT-Master 🎮MK1, the most cost-effective, best matched with the original Coke style, original ceramic customized one-piece ceramic ring, Coke ring mouth color matching, one-piece ring mouth, sky blue on the top, tomato🍅red on the bottom, The bright blood red one-piece bezel has no seams. Look for the correct one-piece ceramic bezel. The latest three-dimensional font code for the watch is 9629Y2L3. The latest buckle code for the watch is F6U. One watch and three codes are the same. Absolutely No repetition, high-end atmosphere, you are not the best, but having you ♥️ is better than anything else 💗, new product, must be a high-quality product, the most 🆕 launch of three codes in one, customized high-end style, comes with NFC proximity card, there are pictures and the truth , you can watch the video and compare the font details of the GM factory 126710 Greenwich ceramic ring. The triangle part at 12 o’clock, the top corner, the bottom corner, and the sharp corners are all rounded. Consistent with the original. In the font part, depth is only one aspect. The original process is that the bottom surface of the font is 90 degrees perpendicular to the straight body of the font. To achieve this effect, the mold can only be molded in one piece. Laser typing will cause beveled edges, rough shading, and chipping. Wait for a series of questions. 🎮The font depth is the same as the original, sinking 0.13mm. In addition, the edges of the font are rounded and polished. The color of the electroplating has also been digitally adjusted. Most of the ones on the market are pure gold, while the genuine ones are slightly reddish. In terms of look and feel, it will be much more comfortable. The appearance of the watch case is all made of 904L shell body, which perfectly restores the entire GMT shell shape and corrects the GMT turning feel. The crown head part also shows the embossed crown 👑 effect. The bottom cover part is also consistent with the original version, polished, brushed, and brushed at the bottom of the case. The fit between the bottom cover and the watch case is almost the same. You can compare the gap between the handle and the case by yourself. In the inner shadow part, the tail of the letter “R” has been corrected for the entire series and is slightly raised. If I really want to be picky, it would be the inner shadow part. The shading is not as delicate as the original version. It is limited by domestic laser technology and equipment. The GM factory launched this time is gmt 126710. Because the first original model was completely damaged, I temporarily purchased another one. There will be slight differences in details. However, in the process of comparison, comparisons will still be made in the form of pictures and texts, and we will not avoid the important ones. Although there will be differences in the details of the authentic version, the overall craftsmanship will not deviate too much. Every model in the future will be based on this Present it to your cousins ​​​​in a way of comparing true and false, if there is any, change it, if not, encourage it. Due to version differences, the calendar font will be different. I hope you understand. In addition to the production of ceramic rings, the GM factory is also a top priority in dial font printing and calendar. Because of the limit on the number of pages, I will not go into details one by one. “Look for the GM factory’s unique and latest three-dimensional code: 9629Y2L3, button code: F6U, soft film packaging, quality assurance – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -🎮S1 exquisite recommended men’s mechanical watch




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